Escape from Monkey Island 4 Review

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LucasArts is well known for their large line of Star Wars games. Whether it’s the first person shooter and saber swinging action of their Dark Forces saga or the action packed space flight sims X-Wing and Tie Fighter, LucasArts never seems to disappoint their fans. Once in a while LucasArts will deviate from the Star Wars stream and move on to something for a little change like their Monkey Island series. In the fourth, and newest installment, Escape from Monkey Island 4, LucasArts attempts to branch out and make a high quality game of a different style.Storyline

Guybrush Threepwood is at it again getting himself caught up in all kinds of mischief. Escape from Monkey Island 4 opens with Guybrush the not so “piratey” pirate returning from his three-month honeymoon with his new wife Elaine Marley who is also the governor of Mêlée Island. They are waylaid by pirates on the way home but Guybrush quickly thwarts the pirate assault. When they finally reach the island the new couple quickly finds out that Elaine has been declared dead and a new Australian has come to the island trying to buy up all the property from the pirates. The plot thickens as the game progresses and ultimately sends Guybrush on a quest for the “Ultimate Insult” to defeat their enemy and save his fellow pirates.


The gameplay for Escape from Monkey Island 4 is fairly simple. You move Guybrush around the game area solving puzzles by using objects or engaging in dialog with NPC’s. Although the operations are simple, the game’s controls are awkward and poorly done. The game doesn’t allow use of the mouse and moving around can be difficult the way the game’s perspective works.

The game is packed with humor around every corner. The use of a ridiculous storyline, hilarious innuendoes, and absurd characters with even more absurd dialog create a comedy likeness gamers rarely see which is a great escape from the tribulations of fast paced FPS’s and engrossing RPG’s. Instead of traditional combat the game requires you to use your wit in insult fighting. You defeat your foe by engaging in a contest of insults in which you must verbally bash your opponent while refuting their comebacks.

The one serious flaw to be found in the game is that many of the quests throughout the game use absolutely no logic at all. Attempting to solve them requires some luck and trying out every possibility there is. Several times I became so frustrated with the games lack of logic I almost gave up playing, which I’m sure several other gamers have experienced. The overall essence of the game is humor and fun but the frustration it causes can deter gamers very quickly to seek another game.